Thursday, May 09, 2002

I'm going to have to shutter the shop for a while, indefinitely, maybe permanently, at least until the demands of work (and more pleasantly the demands of children and love and obligations social and personal to numerous and tedious to mention) allow me more time to support this project with any minimal regularity of attention.

Thank you to every one who supported this little effort with visits and the occasional kind note. And a special thanks to those of you who sent me finely constructed and elegantly delivered hate, no, opposition mail. Keep up your good, albeit evil, work. I state this honestly and without sarcasm. Robust democracy necessitates vigorous and intense discourse to survive and for civilization to progress. Those 97lb weakling liberals who whine for a more "civility" in political conversation deserve a right wing dominated media. Those who whine for "bipartisanship" and "moderation" deserve the political paralysis that entrenches and enriches the elites already and always in power. Revolutionary change isn't instigated and can't be sustained by linguistic pacifists. So I have a soft spot for the ferocious rightists who filled my mailbox with passionate denunciations that always brought a smile to my face and a spring to my step, despite the deranged logic masked. Now as for the incoherent and obviously intoxicated paleo-hominids who cost me precious seconds of my life scanning and deleting their ever mispelled, lexically confused, and grammatically inappropriate words, well, I'm not even going to waste a perfectly good "fuck you" on them.

I encourage daily visits to the consistently excellent Follow me Here. I don't understand how Eliot Gelwan maintains a medical practice, raises children, and carries on a life while daily pounding out a wonderful weblog. Also you must, I said must, visit Wood S Lot. Mark Woods manages to blog more fantastic material than I can even read in a day. I have an ever growing bookmark folder of Woods endorsed material that I consider required reading, but that sadly I'll realistically not ever get to. If you need to monitor the Perpetual War, there are no better perches than Brian Lamb's Blowback (and see also his fine Scribbler)and Steve Perry's Cursor. And of course the best news is Unknown News. And don't forget the generous Menlo and the mind-blowing Abuddhas Memes Just visit everyone on the left of this page. They are all fantastic. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart to all and I hope to return soon. If not here, surely somewhere.